Mennonite Historical Library Bibliography

Table of contents


  1. Bibliographies
  2. General historical works
  3. Anabaptism
    1. Primary works
    2. Secondary works
  4. Mennonites around the world
    1. France
    2. The Netherlands
    3. Germany-Poland-Prussia
    4. Russia-Soviet Union
    5. North America
    6. United States
    7. Canada
    8. Latin America
    9. Asia
    10. Africa
  5. Mennonite Conferences (Associations)
    1. Amish
    2. Hutterites
    3. MCC
    4. Mennonite World Conference
    5. Others
  6. Mennonite life and thought
    1. Pacifism
    2. Ethics – general
    3. Theology
    4. Biblical interpretation
    5. General
  7. Genealogies and family histories
  8. Community and congregational histories (N. America)
  9. Novels, biographies, poetry & other literary works
  10. Music and worship
  11. Cookbooks

Foreword to the 2015 edition

The 1991 revised edition used the Dewey Decimal System which is no longer applicable and those reference have been dropped from these bibliographies.

Foreword to the 1991 revised edition

This bibliography is based upon the one drawn up by Victor D. Kliewer in 1970. Since that date many new works had been added so that a complete revision seemed necessary and desirable. The inventory is designed in the first instance for CMBC students. Others may, however, find it helpful for studying various aspects of Anabaptist-Mennonite life and belief.

The CMBC historical library has concentrated its acquisitions in Canadian, Russian and Prussian Mennonitism, plus sixteenth century Anabaptism. No attempt has been made to be comprehensive in other areas of Mennonite research.

This bibliography does not include a listing of Mennonite periodicals, newspapers, and journals at the Mennonite Heritage Centre. A listing of these holdings is available in separate form.

The preparation of this project, through its various revisions, has been aided substantially by Lawrence Klippenstein, Archivist-Mennonite Heritage Centre, as well as Marg Franz, and Paul Friesen, successively CMBC Librarians. Trevor Bechtel and David Janzen did much of the work for the final revision with the assistance of summer work grants. Data entry was done by Shelly Bueckert and Chris Wiebe.

– John Friesen