Guide to Archival Holdings

The guide to the holdings offers an inventory outline of the archival resources held by the Mennonite Heritage Archives. Additional detailed finding aids and file lists will be added as more material is catalogued and described.

Mennonite Heritage Archives (MHA) uses the Mennonite Archival Information Database (MAID) to describe and display information about our archival fonds and collections. Before using MAID for archival descriptions, MHA created and maintained finding aid inventory lists which were hosted on HTML pages. Since making this change, we are committed to keeping the MAID archival descriptions up to date.

MAID archival descriptions can be accessed by clicking on the fonds or collection title. To accesses the HTML finding aids and inventory lists that are no longer being updated, click on the link that reads “old finding aid” on the same line as fonds or collection title.

The fonds’ and collections that do not have [MAID ‘date’] or a “old finding aid” link indicate the finding aids that have yet to be migrated into MAID. Clicking on the fonds or collection title will bring you to the HTML page containing the finding aid. In these circumstances, the HTML pages are the most up to date finding aids.

  1. Personal Collections
  2. Organizational Collections
  3. Congregation Collections
    1. Alberta
    2. British Columbia
    3. Eastern Canada
    4. Manitoba
    5. Saskatchewan
  4. Special Collections
    1. Conference Yearbooks (reports & directories)
    2. Serials and Periodicals (journals, newsletters, newspapers, and magazines)
    3. Mennonite Historical Library (jointly owned, integrated into the CMU Library)
    4. Mennonite Archival Image Database (photographs)
  5. Other Significant Collections
    1. Small Archives
    2. Vertical File
    3. Photographs
    4. Sound Recordings
    5. Microfilm
    6. Maps
      1. Index for William Schroeder’s 205 Maps
      2. William Schroeder’s 205 Maps and Historical Notes related to Mennonite History (Includes downloadable maps.)
      3. Inventory of maps at Heritage Centre
        1. List of maps 1-670
        2. List of maps 671-938
        3. List of maps 939-1180
        4. List of maps 1181-1254
  6. Bibliographies
    1. Mennonite Bibliographies (annually published by Mennonite Life since 1947)
    2. Mennonite Historical Library Bibliography
    3. Bibliography for the History of the Conference of Mennonites in Canada
  7. Digital Archived sites
    2. Fat Calf Youth Conference
    3. MHC Gallery
    4. Mennonite Church Canada
    5. Mennonite Church Canada – news
    6. Mennonite Women
    7. Pandemic resources
    8. Mennonite Heritage Centre Archives
    9. Mennonite Creation Care Network