Manitoba historical society

March 16, 2020 Volume 24 Issue 6 | The work of community remembering is important work. Archives, historical societies, libraries and museums all have a role in a community to remind us who we are and help point us to where we should go. Sometimes we have been in the wrong and need to change course; at other times we have done well and need encouragement to keep going.  In Canada there are Mennonite historical societies in each province from British Columbia to Quebec that meet annually to learn, discuss and build relationships. This photo of the Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society board in 1984 includes, from left to right, front row: Brian Paetkau, Adolf Ens, Delbert Plett, Victor Doerksen and Doreen Klassen; and back row: Wilmer Penner, Bert Friesen, Bill Schroeder, Margaret Kroeker, Al Reimer, Harry Loewen, Ed Schellenberg and Henry G. Ens.

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