LaVerna Klippenstein

October 12, 2020 Volume 24 Issue 21 | LaVerna Klippenstein (1934-2014) fulfilled many roles, including mother, wife, teacher and author. After her marriage to Lawrence Klippenstein in 1956, the pair began working in the Métis community of Matheson Island, Man., for two years with Mennonite Pioneer Mission. She is pictured hanging laundry on Matheson Island. She completed a bachelor’s degree from Goshen (Ind.) College, took classes in special education, and worked with disabled children in Minneapolis, Minn. In 1971, the family returned to Manitoba, where LaVerna continued researching and writing, actively collecting material about the Christian life and, for three decades, writing about it in magazines such as Mennonite ReporterRejoice and Christian Living. We celebrate many Mennonite authors but sometimes forget those who wrote for our community publications. Her materials are now in the Mennonite Heritage Archives.

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