George Neufeld’s letters

September 10, 2018 Volume 22 Issue 17 | George Neufeld worked in England, France and Germany after the Second World War, from 1946 to 1948. He wrote in his diary on Monday, Jan 7, 1946: “Received letter from Helene dated Dec. 6. I wonder what all has happened since then.” Sunday, Jan; 13: “Wrote a 20-page letter to Helene. Am lonesome for her.” Monday, Jan. 14: “Today I am beginning to worry because Helene does not write or her letters do not reach me.” Tuesday, Jan. 15: “A great day!  Helene’s two supreme letters received!” Neufeld went on to marry Helene Sawatzky in July 1948. He lived in Manitoba and Ontario before retiring to West Bank, B.C. How have advances in technology aided and hindered communication today?

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