Canadian Women in Mission

March 4, 2019 Volume 23 Issue 5 | These Saskatchewan ladies are hovering over baked goods at a sale circa 1964. “Ladies groups” have been significant organizations that have contributed to the social and spiritual well-being of women, their families, communities and beyond. Over time, the organizational structures grew to include local, regional and nationwide organizations. In 1988, the Canadian Women in Mission organization of the Conference of Mennonites in Canada greatly contributed to mission agencies: $930,000 in cash; 2,737 layettes; 927 health, sewing and school kits; 4,302 quilts; more than 300 kilograms of bandages; 10,000 kilograms of soap; several thousand sheets, blankets and knitted materials; and hundreds of kilograms of noodles, all in one year!

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