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  • Reimer, Isaak, 1898-1987

    Retrieval numbers: Volume 1160, 1649-1654

    Title: Isaak Reimer Fonds
    Dates: 1967-1978
    Extent: 33 cm of textual material
    Repository: Mennonite Heritage Centre Archives

    Historical note

    Isaak Johann Reimer was born on October 24, 1898 in Einlage (Kitchkas) Ukraine. He was born the youngest son of 12 children to Johann J. and Elisabeth (Ens) Reimer. He attended the Kommerzschule (school of commerce) in Alexandrowsk, and was married to Olga Winter on November 7, 1921 (or 1922). They had two sons: Peter and Cornelius. Isaak taught school in various communities, including Einlage, Kronstal, Schönwiese, and New Chortitz. Between January 1930 and August 1941, he worked as the head bookkeeper in a factory and sawmill in Dneprostroj. In 1943, the family fled westward with the German army, but were overtaken by the Russians in Poland. Olga was taken to Siberia, in the Irkutsk Region near the Chinese border, and Isaak was taken north to the coal mines in the Ural Mountains. They endured 10 years of forced labour. Then they were reunited and with the assistance of relatives, were able to move to Canada in 1966. Their sons had immigrated to Canada earlier. They settled in Saskatoon, but had difficulty finding employment due to language barriers. Isaak therefore applied himself to recording his memoirs and the family history. He also enjoyed collecting stamps. Olga died in 1983, and Isaak died of a heart attack on August 22, 1987.

    Scope and content note

    This fonds consists of two sets of manuscripts of Isaak's writings. The first manuscript contains his memoirs from his life in exile in Russia, and the second is a history of the Mennonite colonies in Russia. The manuscripts are primarily handwritten.

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  • Reimer, Isaak, 1898-1987


  • Reimer, Isaak, 1898-1987

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    Related material in other repositories

    Mennonite Heritage Society of Saskatchewan at Bethany Manor in Saskatoon: translation into English of Reimer's memoir by Esther Patkau, entitled, "Under the Shadow of the Almighty: Eleven Years in Exile 1945-1956, Workuta – Siberia."

    Related material in this repository

    Canadian Mennonite University Library: Bergen, Heinrich, editor. 2006. Verbannung Unschuldig nach Sibirien ins Verderben, 1935-1955. Regina.


    Custodial History

    This material was acquired from Isaak Reimer of Saskatoon on March 26, 1979. (Acc. No.79-117)


    Primarily German with some Russian


    Description completed by Joanne Moyer in March 2007.

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    Volume 1160
    1. Manuscript: “Unter dem Schutz der Hoechsten. 11 Jahre in der Verbannung Workuta und Siberien,” von dem Ehepaar Olga und Isaak Reimer, Seiten 1-220. Photocopy of handwritten, German text, 1974.
    Volume 1649
    1a. Notebook: “Register der Binder von den Mennoniten in Rußland Material gesammelt von Is. Reimer. -- 1979.
    (A table of contents for the 15 binders -- 2751 pages and the author's statement about their use.)
    1. I. Manuscript: “Das Mennonitentums allgemeines – die erste Reformatore, Schweiz, Holland, Preußen, Rußland, Buch I,” pp. 1-139
      - Reformatore, p.1
      - Geschichtliches e/es Mennonitentums im allgemeinen und der Mennoniten in Rußland, p. 24
      Original handwritten text in German, 196-.
    2. II. Manuscript: “Die Mennoniten in Russland”
      - Altkolonie Vorgeschichte, p. 140
      - Die Einwanderung und Ansiedlung der Mennoniten der alten Kolonie, p. 146
      - Die Kirchliche Angelegenheit der Mennoniten der Altkolonie, p. 160
      - Das Schulwesen, p. 232
      - Burgerliche Verwaltung, p. 285
      - Landwirtschaft, p. 296
      - Die Viehzucht, p. 316
      - Handel, p. 338
      - Industrie Altkolonie, p. 348
      - Altkolonie: Dies und Das, p. 381
      - Medizienische Betreusung(?) in der Alt. Kolonie, p. 387
      Original handwritten text in German and Russian, 196-.
    3. III. Manuscript: “Die Altkolonie nach der Revolution von 1917,” pp. 408-617
      - Revolution: Altkolonie 1917-1922, p. 409
      - Altkolonie: Die Typhus-Epidemie, 1919-1920-1921, p. 458
      - Die Weiße(?) Armee, p. 483
      - Die Auswanderung und der Verband Burger(?) Holländischer Herkanft(?), p. 502
      - Der Dienst in der Roten Armee, p. 578
      - Religion in Sowjetrußland in den Jahren 1923-1928-1930, p. 522
      - Das Schulwesen 1923-1929, p. 527
      - Die Neue Oekonomische Politik und die Kalehosen(?) 1923-1930, p. 541
      - Der Terror in den Jahren 1930-1941 Altkolonie, p. 547
      - Alt. Kolonie Deutsche Besatzungszeit VIII-1941-X-1943, p. 583
      Original handwritten text in German, 196-.
    Volume 1650
    1. IV. Manuscript: “Alt. Kolonie Chortitzaer Wolost Geschichtliches,” pp. 618-726
      - Nachkziegszeit(?) d. h. nach 1945, 682
      Original handwritten text in German, 197-.
    2. V. Manuscript: “Geschichte der Mennoniten in Rußland. Verband der Burger Holländischer Herkunft und andere Aufierwahlte Dokumente,” pp. 727-873
      - Mennoniten in Rußland nach 1945, p. 835
      Original handwritten and typewritten text in German, 197-.
    3. VI. Manuscript: “Mennoniten-Rußlands. II Molotschnaer Siedlungen Gegründet(?) 1803-1804, Band VI,” pp. 874-1036 - Mennoniten Rußlands. III Siedlungen am Trackt, Alexandertal und and der Samara, Gegründet(?) 1853, p. 1024 Original handwritten text in German, 197-.
    Volume 1651
    1. VII. Manuscript: “Mennoniten Rußland Tochterkolonien, Band IV,” pp. 1037-1170
      Original handwritten text in German, 197-.
    2. VIII. Manuscript: “Tochterkolonien II,” pp. 1180-1291
      - Mennoniten in andere Länder aufier Rußland, p. 1288
      Original handwritten text in German, 17-?.
    3. IX. Manuscript: “Die Mennonitischen Kolonien Andsiedlungen im Europäischen Teil vom Rußland,” p. 1291-1550
      - Tochterkolonien, p. 1325
      - Der Untergang der Mennonitischen Kolonien im Europaischen Rußland, p. 1389
      - Die Molotschnaer Kolonien, p. 1437
      - Die Siedlung am Trakt, 1457
    4. X. Manuscript: “Geschichte der Leiden der Mennoniten in Rußland wahrend der Zeit nach 1917, Band I,” pp. 1551-1717
      - Altkolonie: Chortitzer Walast-Ekaterinoslawer Faurennement(?) umfoßt 16 (fruhen 18) Dörfer, p. 1557
      - Die Molotschnaer Ansiedlung Fereite Mutterkolonie, p. 1610
      - Die Kirchendiener Aelteste und Prediger Diakone, Deugeute und Kirchenrat mitglieder, p. 1665
      Original handwritten text in German, 197-?.
    Volume 1652
    1. XI. Manuscript: “Geschichte der Leiden der Mennoniten in Rußland wahrend der Zeit nach 1917, Band II,” pp. 1718-1917
      Original handwritten text in German, 197-?.
    2. XII. Manuscript: “Mennonitische Martyrer in USSR, Band III,” pp 1918-2007
      - 1941-1945: Der Fereite Weldbrief, p. 1957
      Original handwritten text in German, 197-?.
    Volume 1653
    1. XIII. Einlage - geschichtliches 1789-1943. Teil I.
    2. XIII. Einlage - geschichtliches 1789-1943. Teil II.
    3. Einlage Kitschkas / revidiert [von] Heinrich Bergen, Regina. -- 2007. (Introductory pages and maps for his publication.)
    4. Letter from Peter and Melita Reimer to Rempel family. -- 1989.
    Volume 1654 [empty box]
      [MISSING] [XIV. Verzeichnis der mennonitischen Siedlungen und der Geburtsorte der Mennoniten nach der Vertreibung pp.1-60)