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Hoeppner, Isaak A., 1884-1955

Retrieval numbers: Vol. 2111-8, 5238-5240, photograph collection 636.

Title: Isaak A. Hoeppner fonds
Dates: 1891-1955, 1987
Extent: 21 cm of textual records and 3 photographs.

Historical note

 Isaak A. Hoeppner, church leader and farmer, was born on September 25, 1884 to Anton Hoeppner (1860-1928) and Katharina Hildebrandt (1864-1886) in Waldheim, Manitoba. When he was only two years old his mother, Katharina Hoeppner, gave birth to a little girl. Unfortunately, both mother and daughter died shortly after the birth. His father then married Katharina Doerksen and together they had 12 children, nine of whom survived. Hoeppner grew up in Waldheim and then began farming. He was baptized on June 4, 1903. On July 20, 1904 he married Elizabeth Wolf. Together they had 14 children, of which two died in childhood. In 1931 Hoeppner attended a Salvation Army meeting in Winnipeg at which he experienced a spiritual crisis and a personal conversion. This changed his life. He began to live differently and share his faith openly. It was this that lead him to be elected to the ministry in 1931. He was then ordained by Peter A. Toews on April 9, 1932 at the Sommerfeld Mennonite Church in Waldheim. Like other ministers of his era he continued to farm to support his family in addition to his new church responsibilities.  He had a mixed grain and animal farm where he raised sheep and swine.

  His style of ministry and manner of conversion created enthusiasm but also conflict in the community. Hoeppner and three other ministers who wanted change in the church were forced by the old, more conservative, leadership to separate from the church in 1936. This was the beginning of the Rudnerweide Mennonite church (later known as the Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference) of which Hoeppner became a founding member. They took 1100 members of the Sommerfeld Mennonite Church with them. Hoeppner is remembered for his out going personality and his ability to relate well with people outside the Mennonite Community. Isaak Hoeppner died on January 10, 1955.

Scope and content note

This fonds contains sermons, poetry, devotional materials, religious tracts, correspondence, photographs, and National Live Stock records for horses, swine and sheep.

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Hoeppner, Isaak A., 1884-1955

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Custodial history

Collected by David and Trudy Schellenberg of Winkler for the Christian Heritage Library.  In 2007 The EMMC Conference donated some of Isaak A. Hoeppner's papers it had recieved from Hoeppner's grandson Peter Janzen of Morden.  The fire regulations booklet was deposited by Hoeppner's great grandson, Jonathan Janzen.


Hand-written Gothic German


Described by Sharon H. H. Brown December, 2002, updated by Conrad Stoesz July 9, 2007 and June 10, 2011.

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Other notes

Acc. no. 97-150, 07-038, 2011-034.

File List

Volume 2111

   8. Seven sermons based on the scripture passages: 1 Peter 2:21-25 in three note books and a report on Hoeppner's funeral.

VOLUME    5238   

   1    one small black sermon note book/ binder. -- [ca. 1930-1950]. -- Note: also contains other notes such as addresses and vital statistics.

   2    one small black sermon note book and some loose pages. -- [ca. 1930-1950].

   3    Record of Marriages, deaths and births. Includes some sermons. -- 1932-1936.

   4    Loose sermons. -- [ca. 1930-1950].

   5    Sermons pages from a small binder. -- [ca. 1930-1950].

   6    Sermons, loose pages. -- [ca. 1930-1950]

   7    Sermons, loose pages. -- [ca. 1930-1950]


VOLUME    5239  

   1    Die Wehrlosigkeit im Lichte des Alten und Neuen Testaments = Non violence in light of the old and new Testamants/ E.J. Swalm. -- 1949.

   2    Certificate of registration to perform marriages from the province of Manitoba . - 1937.

   3    Correspondence and documents. -- 1950-1955.

   4    Correspondence and cards. -- 1891-1969.

   5    German language textbooks for the promotion of the German language. -- [191-], [194-?].

   6    Jugendverein = young people's group constitution, programs, and reports. -- 1954-1987.

   7    Prose = poetry. -- [192-?] - [195-?].

   8    Religious tracts. -- [1936-194-?].

   9    Devotional materials. -- [189-?] - [193-?].

10.    Feurregeln der Gegenseitigen Mennonitischen Brandordnung = Mutual Mennonite Fire Insurance. -- 1936. Included is a recipt to Isaak. A. Hoeppner dated 1939.


VOLUME    5240  

   1    Insurance records. -- 1944-1954.

   2    National Livestock records regarding sheep. -- 1927-1952.

   3    National live stock records regarding swine. -- 1930-1950.

   4    National live stock records regarding horses. -- 1919, 1927.

Photograph Collection    636    Isaak A. Hoeppner

636:1    Plowing field. - [192-?]. - 11 x 7 cm [b&w].

   This photo is of two 3 bottom plows pulled by two sets of four hoese. The two unites are walking away from the

   camera plowing a field.

636:2    Young woman as a nurse. - [195-?]. - 8 x 12 cm [b&w].

   This photo is of a young woman in a nurse uniform standing outside on a patrch of ice posing for a photograph.

   There is a building in the background.

636:3    Unidentified couple. - 1951. - 9 x 15 cm [b&w].

   This photo shows a middle aged couple standing in the yard, in front of a house posing for a photo in their formal

   attire. The woman is wearing a corsage.