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Falk, Wilhelm H., 1892-1976

Retrieval numbers: Vol. 2106-6, 3733-3739, 3754-4, 4247-4249, 5623.  Photograph collection 695

Title: Wilhelm H. Falk fonds
Dates:  1917-1976
Extent: 70 cm of Textual records and 6 photos.

Historical note

Wilhelm H. Falk, church leader and farmer, was born on October 23, 1892 in the village of Schoenthal, northwest of Altona, Manitoba. He was one of nine children born to Heinrich and Justina (nee Unrau) Falk. One of his siblings and his father died while he was still a young child. His mother then married Abram Bergen who was a widower with five children of his own and this marriage produced another half brother and sister for Falk. He attended private school in Schoenthal where G.G. Neufeld was one of his teachers. In 1912 Falk was baptized on May 27th. A year later her married Sarah Friesen on June 8th. He purchased a farm in Roseville school district and lived there until he retired. He and his first wife had eight children but two died as infants. Sarah then died in 1930. Two years later he married Elizabeth Schellenberg on June 30th. This second marriage also produced eight children, two of which died as infants. Falk was elected to the ministry in the Sommerfeld Mennonite Church and ordained on June 29, 1927 at Schoenthal. He later became one of four ministers who separated from this church in 1936 and became the first Aeltester of the newly formed Rudnerweide Church (later known as the Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference or EMMC). He was ordained to this office by Aeltester David Schulz on February 4, 1937.  Falk was a conscientious objector (CO) in the First World War and supported the young COs in the second world war (WWII).   During his many years of service to the church, Falk performed 1000 baptisms, 50 funerals, 112 marriages, 14 church dedications, and ordained 48 ministers, 2 bishops and 5 deacons. Wilhelm H. Falk died on July 29, 1976.  In 2008 his daugter Mary Neufeld published a biography of Wilhelm H. Falk entitled A Prairie Pilgrim.

Scope and content note

This fonds consists of sermons and outlines, correspondence, minutes, lists of marriages, material related to conscientious objectors, and agricultural records. These records are the personal papers of bishop Falk showing his work and insterests as a servant of the church.  Also included are six photos.

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Falk, Wilhelm H., 1892-1975

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Custodial history

The first materials were deposited by daughters Magdalene Redekop and Mary Neufeld in 1981. Around these materials (housed in Volumes 3733-3738) were lent to Jack Heppner while writing the EMMC History (Search for Renewal..., 1987) and returned with additional materials from daugher Martha Voth (Volume 3739). Daugher Elizabeth Falk deposited some periodicals, sermons and a photo in June 1992; as well as some books and pamphlets in September 1997.  A small file of sermons by Wilhelm Falk also came in 1997 through the Christian Heritage Library, a collection of David and Trudy Schellenberg of Winkler (now housed in Volume 2106:6).   In 2008 from daughter Mary Neufeld who deposited some more sermons and photos of  son Wilhelm's expereince as a conscientious objector in the Second World War.  Mary desposited the photos in 2013.


Hand-written Gothic German


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    Acc. No. 88-146, 93-16, 97-051, 97-150, 08-082, 03-102, 12-046, 13-020.

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File List

Volume 2106

6. Sermons notes. -- [195-?].

Volume 3733

1. Correspondence to Wilhelm Falk. -- 1937-1959.

2. Pamphlets, clippings, lists of conscientious objectors and other documents related to peace and conscientious objection. -- 1917-1919, ca. 1942-1945. -- Note: includes Wilehlm Falk's own WWI certificates.

3. Lists of marraiges performed. -- 1928-1968.

4. Membership and transfer records including questions for baptism. -- 1931-1941.

5. MCI Protokol [Mennonite Collegiate Institute] minutes, reports, and correspondence. -- 1962-1964.

6. Mennonite World Conference minutes, reports and budgets. -- 1948, 1962.

7. Mennonite German Society minutes, reports, correspondence and membership lists. -- 1959-1960.

8. Sermon on 1 Corinthians 3:11 and Phillipians 4,7,8,7,9, notes, biographical sketch for bishops Abraham Doerksen and Johann Friesen. -- [ca. 1920-1960].

9. List of books in Rev. Wilhelm Falk's personal library. -- [198-].

Volume 3734

10. Correspondence from missionary John Schellenberg. -- 1942-1983.

11. Copy of pamphlet Auswanderungen und Ansiedlungen der Mennoniten/ Benjamin Ewert. -- [192-?].

12. Agricultural records including crop insurance, and financial accounting records. -- 1949, 1960-1961.

13. Ministers meeting minutes of the Rudnerweide Mennoniten Gemeinde (Protokoll der Prediger Sitzung). -- 1951-1968.

14. Prayers. -- [195-?].

15. EMMC (Conference of the Evangelical Mennonite Mission Church of Manitoba and Saskatchewan). -- 1968.

16. addresses. -- [19---].

17. Copy of Handbuch zum Gebrauch bei goottesdienstlichen Handlungen zunächst für die Aeltesten und Prediger der Mennoniten Gemeinde in Nord Amerika. -- 1921.

18. Excerpts from Die Kleine Sänger. -- [19--].

Volume 3735

19. Correspondence to Wilhelm Falk and clippings regarding Falk such as obituaries. -- 1932-1976.

20. minutes from Eilm Bible School, The Mennonite Hour radio program, Fragebogen for youth and congregations. -- 1959-1967.

21. Various notbooks containing family history, addresses, and notes. Also includes National registration certificate, 1940. -- [19--].

22. Newspaper clippings of poems, prayers, and songs . -- 1934-1958.

23. Missions committee reports and accounting.  Also included in 1960 annual report. -- 1950-1968.

24. Various articles dealing with prophecy including a dispensational chart. -- [19--].

Volume 3736

25. Berg Predigt = Sermon on the Mount.  Matthew 8:1,13. -- 1892.

26. Copies of poetry, devotions, and sermon notes. -- [19--].

27. Pentecost sermon, Joel 3:1-5. -- 1928. -- Note: original added from 08-082.

28. Sermon 1 Peter 4:19. -- 1928.

29. Sermon, feat of Ephiphany, Matthew 2:1-12. -- 1927.

30. Passion sermon, Isaiah 3:1-8. -- 1919.

31. Copy of child's funeral sermon. -- 1923.

32. Sermon on John 3:16. -- 1930.

33. Copy of Passion sermon, Luke 22:7-16. -- 1928.

34. Advent sermon, John 1:19-28. -- 1928.

Volume 3737

35. Poems and newspaper clippings. - [19--].

36. Copy of sermon on Psalm 23:1-5. -- 1933.

37. Copy of funeral sermon. -- 1933.

38. Sermon on John 10:9,12 to 16-27. -- 1935.

39. Copy of Sermon on peace and pacifism, 1 Peter 2:18-25. -- [19--].

40. Copy of sermon on [Matthew 1:21?]. -- [19--]. -- Note: includes copy of poem at end.

41. Copy of sermon excerpts. -- [19--].

42. Copy of sermon and notes. -- [19--].

43. Copies and originals of various sermons. -- 1950-1967.

44. Copies of Wedding sermons book. -- 1927-1933.

45. Two radio sermons, Luke 24: 50-53 and 2 Chorinthians 5:20-21 and one other sermon Matthew 11:28-30. -- 1958,1959,1963.

Volume 3738

46. Six sermons. -- 1928-1934.

47. Sermons, statistics, questions for ordination. -- [ca. 1943-1950].

48. Pamphlets, tracs, and brochures. -- [ca. 1940-1965].


Volume 3739

49. Pentecost sermon . -- 1958.

50. Sermon, Genesis 19:17. -- 1960.

51. Radio sermon, Mark 1:35-39. -- 1958.

52. Sermon on [Revelation 1:4-6?]. -- 1962.

53. 25 sermons. -- [ca. 1950-1965].

54. 4 sermons. -- 1959-1964.

Volume 3754

   4    Prophetische Karte: Des Menschen Tun und Gottes Wege. -- 1913.

Volume 4247

   1    Sermon Notes. -- [19--].

   2    Sermon based on Psalm 25:2. -- August 26, 1960.

   3    Sermon based on Psalm 41:5 and John 17:19. -- November 23, 1962.

   4    Leichen rade für kinder = funeral sermons for children. -- 1923.

Volume 4248

   1    Oster Predigt von der Auferstehung Jesu Christi. -- 1928.

   2    Sermon Notes. -- [19--].

   3    Correspondence with Department of Public Health and Welfare, Manitoba . -- [194--].

   4    Sermon Notes on other speakers (I.I.Friesen, H.H.Janzen, A.Unruh, A. Neufeld, H.T.Klassen, et al.). -- [19--].

Volume 4249

   1    Erklaerung das Aeltester Johann Funk und der zu ihm haltenden Prediger an die Gemeinde. -- 1892-1939.

   2    [List of (members'?) names and addresses]. -- 1939.

   3    [Agendas for ministers' meetings and membership meetings]. -- 1937-1938.

   4    Sermon Notes. -- [19--].

   5    Seventeen radio sermon texts. -- 1959-1964.

   6     The Beginnings of the Rudnerwider [Rudnerwieder] Church (EMMC). Personal interview with Rev. W.H. Falk of Plum Coulee, Manitoba conducted by Norman Friesen, Winnipeg, MB. The interview was conducted on September 27, 1963 in the evening and later transcribed. -- 22 pages.

Volume 5623
Selected books from the library of Wilhelm H. Falk
  1. Unruh, Suse. Gedichte für besondere Gelegenheiten
  2. Spurgeon, C.H. Der Seelengewinner
  3. Torrey, R.A. Wie beten Wir?
  4. Modersohn, Ernest. Dunkle Stellen in der Bibel
  5. Aelteste und Diener
  6. Katechismus oder kurze und einfache Unterweisung aus der heiligen Schrift in Fragen und Antwort.
  7. Katechismus oder kurze und einfache Unterweisung aus der heiligen Schrift in Fragen und Antwort für Jugend.
  8. Schäfer, Daniel. Wo sind unsere Toten?
  9. Vom Feigenbaum und Tannenbaum
  10. Raylor, C.W. Das Tausend Jährige Reich
  11. Lechler, Dr. Alfred. Leg Deine Nerven in Gottes Hand
  12. Urbanus, Dr. A. Ist die Beschränkung der Kinderzahl dem Christen erlaubt?
  13. Stauffer, J.L. The Eternal Security Teaching
  14. B.H. Exposure of the Jehovah’s Witnesses
  15. Epp, Theodore H. Dürfen Kinder Gottes sich am Kriege beteiligen?
  16. Horsch, John. Die biblische Lehre von der Wehrlosigkeit
  17. Modersohn, Ernst. Der Mensch prüfe aber sich selbst!
  18. Amstutz, P.B. Evangelium und Krieg einander gegenüber gestellt: nebst Beleuchtung einiger Zeichen der Zeit: mit Gedanke über die Sünde wider den Heiligen Geist.
  19. Laws Affecting Historic Peace Churches . . .
  20. Die Bekehrung Menno Simons’ und sein Ausgang . . .
  21. Berkey, E.J. The Bible Mode of Baptism
  22. Gesundheit ist Reichthum
  23. Wellcome, I.C. Should Christians Fight?
  24. Shadduck, B.H. Stopping the Stork
  25. Müssen Christen Kriegen
  26. Shelton, L.R. Capital Punishment
  27. Erfahrungen der Mennoniten in Canada
  28. Conley, James. Das dreifache Geheimnis des Heiligen Geistes
  29. Gemeinderegeln der Rudnerweider Mennoniten Gemeinde in Saskatchewan
  30. Hölle und ewige Verdammnis im Lichte des Wortes Gottes
  31. NOTE: Also contained in the volume is a complete listing of the library of Wilhelm H. Falk that he used during his ministry with the Rudnerweide Gemeinde.

   Collection Number:    695    Wilhelm Falk family photos

695:1    Heinrich and Justina Falk studio photo. - [1898?]. - 10 x 15 cm [b&w].

   This photo is of Wilhelm Falk's parents, Heinrich Falk and his wife Justina Falk (nee Justina Unrau) as a young couple.

   The two are seated in a studio wearing good clothes. Heinrich is wearing a tie and Justina is wearing a fancy black

   bonnet hat.

695:2    Wilhelm and Elizabeth Falk as a young couple. - [1934?]. - 10 x 15 cm [b&w].

   This photo is of Wilhlem Falk as a minister of the Sommerfeld Mennonite Church and his second wife Elizabeth Falk

   (nee Elizabeth Schellenberg). The photo is taken outside a building in the [spring?] Wilhelm is wearing a ministers

   coat and black shirt.

695:3    Elizabeth Falk and Wilhelm Falk. - [194-?]. - 15 x 10 cm [b&w].

   This photo is made up of two frames. On the right is a photo of Elizabeth Falk (Nee Elizabeth Schellenberg) wearing a

   dress, hat, and sweater posing for a photo with her hands folded on a table in front of her. On the right is a photo of

   Wilhelm Falk, bishop or Aeltester of the Rudnerweide Gemeinde wearing a black dress jacket and white shirt. In his

   hand, held against his shoulder is a book "Die Bibel".

695:4    Wilhelm and Elizabeth Falk extended family. - [ca. 1947]. - 15 x 10 cm [b&w].

   This photo is of the Wilhelm Falk family with 16 children, one son -in-law (Ben Sawatzky) and two grandchildren in a

   studio posing for a photo

695:5    Wilhelm Falk and Elizabeth Falk. - [ca. 1958]. - 15 x 10 cm [b&w].

   This photo is of Bishop Wilhelm Falk with his wife Elizabeth Falk posing for a photo in a studio.

695:6    Aeltester Wilhelm H. Falk. - [ca. 1958]. - 10 x 15 cm [b&w].

   This photo is of bishop Wilhelm Falk posing for a photo. He is wearing a white shirt and black jacket and holding an

   open book.