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Heinrich Born fonds. -- 1920-1938. -- 8 cm of textual records.


Heinrich Born was born on March 16, 1881 in Wernersdorf, Molotschna, South Russia. In 1892 the family immigrated to Canada and settled in Schanzenfeld, near Winkler, Manitoba. He married Anna Krahn. The family lived in the Winkler area for 23 years, then to Gnadenthal, near Altona, and later to Altona. He was ordained to the ministry in the Bergthaler Mennonite Church of Manitoba on October 3, 1920. He acquired little formal education beyond the village education received in Russia. He studied at Winkler Bible School for one year. He served primarily in the churches in Winkler, Lowe Farm and Altona. He suffered from epilepsy for 18 years which severely weakened him physically. Later he contacted tuberculosis which led to his death on August 12, 1952.


Some of the materials in this fonds were brought to the Mennonite Heritage Centre September 29, 1997 by a granddaughter Anna L. (Born) Schroeder, Brandon, Manitoba. The materials had been in the possession of her father, Rev. A.H. Born (1907-1997) who died September 9, 1997. They had been given to him by his father, Heinrich Born (1881-1952). Other documents were collected by David and Trudy Schellenberg of Winkler for the Christian Heritage Library.


The fonds consists of sermons notes (1920-1938), notebooks containing notes taken at several annual Canadian Conference sessions (later known as Conference of Mennonites in Canada) (1923-1932) and several photographs of people with whom he worked.


Arranged and described by Alf Redekopp, January 5, 2000. Updated by Sharon H.H. Brown, December, 2002.

Finding Aid: Inventory file list

Location: Volume 4792; Volume 2104-6; Photo Collection 501

Acc. No.: 97-050; 97-150

Heinrich Born fonds file list:


VOLUME 4792 Heinrich Born fonds

  1. Sermon notebook. -- 1920-1921.
  2. Notebook containing travel diary (going to conference in Langham, SK) and notes of conference sessions, etc. -- 1923-1924.
  3. Notebook containing notes re. conference attended in Drake (?) , notes on proceedings and record of sermons preached. -- 1924-1925.
  4. Sermon notebook. -- 1925-1926.
  5. Notebook containing notes on attendance at Canadian conference sessions at Eigenheim. -- 1925-1926.
  6. Notebook containing notes on annual Conference session in Drake (1929) and record of sermons preached. -- 1929-1930.
  7. Notebook containing sermon notes. -- 1930-1932.
  8. Notebook containing notes on annual conference session at Langham July 1931 and sermon notes. -- 1931-1932.
  9. Diary of various church and other activities. -- Aug. 27, 1933-Nov. 1935.
  10. Sermon notes in brief form (65 sermons). -- 1937-1938.
  11. Detailed guide to Heinrich J. Born sermon collection / prepared by Ed Enns. -- 1999.
Photograph Collection 501: Heinrich Born Photograph Collection

    501:1 William Wiebe. - [193-?]. - 9 x 13 cm [b&w].
    This photo is of William Wiebe sitting on a chair outside in front of some trees. He has a suite and tie one as well as a hat. The caption on the back includes Sec. 135 3E1/2so.

    501:2 H.R. Voth Reiseprediger. - 1930. - 5 x 8 cm [b&w].

    501:3 D.D. Dueck in the coffin. - 1937. - 7 x 11 cm [b&w].
    This photo is of D.D. Dueck in his coffin with a small group of people standing around the coffin. There are also some horses in the background. He was born May 8, 1866 and died Jan 2, 1937. The coffin is lying in a wagon. The coffin has a white sheet over it. The person in the coffin can be seen from the waist up and has his hands crossed. There is a black boarder holding the white sheet on the coffin and on this boarder is a vine.

    501:4 Unidentified young man. - [193-?]. - 9 x 13 cm [b&w].
    This photo is a portrait of an unidentified young man. He is wearing a suite and bow tie and is in his late teens or early twenties. The photo is an oval on a postcard.