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  • Osterwick Village (Manitoba)

  • Retrieval numbers: Volume 1065

    Title: Osterwick Village (Manitoba) fonds
    Dates: 1875-1925
    Extent: 5 cm of textual records
    Repository: Mennonite Heritage Centre Archives

    Historical note

    The village of Osterwick, Manitoba was founded by Mennonite settlers from the "Old Colony" (Russia) in 1875. Its importance as a village grew after the Post Road was established bringing Mennonite and non-Mennonite travelers through the village. In the 1920s , many in the "Old Colony church" (officially called the Reinländer Gemeinde) felt that the Canadian government could not be trusted and decided to move to Mexico. Many of the dwellings in Osterwick were then bought and inhabited by a new wave on Mennonite immigrants fleeing the famine and Revolution in Russia.

    Scope and content note

    This collection of material consists of financial records from 1879-1880 and 1889-1890, two church or village registers and a fire insurance register. The first village register contains entries up to 1890 and the other up to 1925.

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  • Osterwick Village (Manitoba)

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    Custodial history

    This collection was originally photocopied by Peter Brown, of Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1975. The originals were brought in again by Jake Peters of Winkler, Manitoba (a student at CMBC) in September, 1977. Peter Brown photocopied all the material (earlier), but at times some pages were cut off in the process of photocopying. Consequently, the originals were photocopied again, in part, using 8 1/2" x 14" paper where the original was also of that length. Because Peter had bound his photocopied collection haphazardly at places, it was unbound and rearranged.


    In Gothic German handwriting.

    Availability of other formats

    MHC microfilm # 16 (filmed in 1977)

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    Ostervick, Manitoba Village fonds inventory file list

    Volume 1065
    Osterwick church and village papers
    This list was produced by Dennis Stoesz October 5, 1977.
    1. "Dorfs Buch fuer die Dorfschaft Osterwick zur die Jahren 1889 und 1890," 45 pp., photocopied by Peter Brown, pp•18•22,24,31,45 photo. By Dennis Stoesz (re: page cut off).
    2. Village financial booklet, regarding payment of persons re: helping in village matters.
    3. Miscellaneous papers found in Church Register Book.
      1. Receipt to John W. Rempel, Feb. 9, 1917, from Osterwick.
      2. Financial record page, re: Jacob Neufeld, Osterwick.
      3. Letter, from Peter Thiessen (original is in pen) 2 pp.
      4. Notes on genealogy of some kind. 2pp.
    4. Church Register book, "Osterwick Church Records, Prior to 1875,"
      Name given to them by Peter Brown.
      These records are not bound. They are loose pages, which Peter Brown has put into a green book. He put each page in between plastic so the pages could be handled better. The order of the photocopied pages are the same order as that green book. The reason for the order is not apparent. 48pp. (Both P.B.'s photocopy and D.S.'s photocopy were used to make up the complete photocopied material; P.B. had not photocopied everything, and at times he had also cut off some pages. The sharper photocopied pages are his.)
    5. Page out of some book. #1405. No. Berhard Wiebe..." 1 pp.
      Letter from Friesen, Blumengart, Dec. 2, 1912,1 pp.
      Letter, Isbrand Friesen, Blumengart to Peter Neufeld, Januar 3, 1919, ½ pp.
      Page, index for four persons in Church Register book, ½ pp.
      Circular letter "Bekanntmachungen" from Herman Harms, Maerz 7, 1921, Rosengart 1 p.
      Circular letter, "Bekanntmachung," from Aeltester der Reinlaender Mennoniten zu Manitoba, Johann Friesen, 1 pp.
      Page, describing the possessions of the late Benjamin Dyck, putting a price on their value. "Osterwick den 18, Februar 1922." 2 pp.
      Page, describing the tithing of Heinrich Giesbrecht to the church."Heinrich Giesbrecht Zehen." 2 pp.
      Note. P.B. also bound this original booklet together.
    6. Letter, found at back of green book. "Schanzenfeld am 3 Februar 1909, "from Jakob Wiens "Insel Chortitza den 10 Dec. 1908,” To Peter Wiens from Jakob Jac. Hildebrandt G Gerhard Gerh. Klaassen. 4 pp.
    7. Church Register Book, "The Osterwick Old Colony Church Records, 1875-1975" Name given by Peter Brown.
    8. Pp. 3-97, Peter Brown, 8 1/2" x 11" paper.
      Pp. 3-82, 85-97, 120, 388, 390-396, book cover, back cover, and inside back cover, photo by Dennis Stoesz, 81/2" x 14" paper.
    9. "Dies ist das Brand Befel Buch, gemacht anno. 1911, Maerz den 16ten," 30 pp. (Dennis Stoesz photocopied, 8 1/2" x 14" paper) 35 pp. (Peter Brown photocopy, 8 1/2" x 11" paper)

    File list for Microfilm 16

    1. Osterwick Church Register Book Recording the generation of persons born between 1800-1860, and their children (Those pages in no particular order)
    2. Osterwick Old Colony Church Register Book
      Recording the generation of persons born between 1820-1899, and their children
      (pp. 3, 120, 388-396)
      (pp. 3-82, 85;97)
      (pp. 1, 2, 83, 84 missing (tom out)
      (pp. 98-119, 121-387, blank)
    3. Osterwick Village Financial Booklet, 1880
    4. Osterwick Village Fire Insurance Book, 1911
      (Brand Befel Buch)
    5. Osterwick Village Book 1889-1890
      (fuer die Dorfschaft: Osterwick)
    6. Miscellaneous Papers
      (found in Church Register Book)
    7. Letter
      (found in Church Register Book)
    8. Miscellaneous Papers