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 Volume 5445

The Church and its Witness in Society study conference/ Canadian Board of Christian Service, Conference of Mennonites in Canada. Winnipeg January 9-11, 1959. -- Papers include:
- Introductory Statement on Problem, Purpose, and Procedure/ Frank H. Epp.
- The Biblical Basis of the Church's Social Concern and Witness/ William Klassen.
- The Church's Involvement in Political Action/ Archie Penner.
- The Church makes Peace in A World at War/ Harvey Taves.
- The Church and Change in the Economic Situation/ Reinhard H. Vogt.
- Christian Ethics and Current Economic Problems/ John W. Miller.
- Concerns Related to the Recreational and Commercial Sabbath/ Peter B. Sawatzky.
- Concerns Related to Mass Media/ Andrew R. Shelly.
- Concerns related to Crime and treatment of Criminals/ D. Rempel.
- Concerns Related to Juvenile Delinquency/ Hugo Hildebrandt.
- Concerns related to Alcohol (and Drugs) Homer K. Janzen.,
- Concerns Related to Recreation and Gambling/ Carl Ens.
- Concerns Related to Legal Problems and Involvement/ John J. Enns.
- Concerns Related to Immorality and Sex/ J.F. Janzen.
- The Church and Her Redemptive Witness to Society/ Henry H. Epp.
- The Church and its Witness in Society/ Leo Driedger.
- The Total Gospel for the Total Man in the Total Situation/ J.B. Martin.