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Title: Hoffnungsfelder Mennonite Church (Saskatchewan) fonds
Dates: 1959-1995, predominantly 1983-1995
Extent: 4 cm of textual records

Historical note

The Hoffnungsfelder Gemeinde was a multi-congregation church formed in 1928 in Saskatchewan. During the first few years there were congregations in Petaigan, Rabbit Lake, Mayfair, Glenbush, and Carrot Lake. The congregation at Carrot Lake left the Gemeinde in 1960, and the congregation at Petaigan dissolved in 1957. The other three congregations had their own meeting houses. In 1936 the membership was 233. In 1959 the membership was 143. By 1983 the membership was 82. In 2000 the membership stood at 75 (Glenbush-46, Mayfair-5, Rabbit Lake-24). In 2006 the membership stood at 81 (Glenbush-51, Mayfair-3, Rabbit Lake-27). The leaders of the congregation were: Cornelius Ens [Mayfair] (1930-1939), Nikolai Friesen [Mayfair] (1930-1942), Jacob Janzen [Rabbit Lake] (1930-1938), [Glenbush] (1939-1953), Cornelius Mathies [Rabbit Lake] (1930-1946), Peter Plenert [Rabbit Lake] (1930-1946), Johann Töws [Mayfair] (1930-1942), Aron Enns [Glenbush] (1932-1935), Abram Martens [Rabbit Lake] 1933-1937), [Glenbush] (1938-1960), Abr. Warkentin [Rabbit Lake] (1933-1934), Dan Loewen [Rabbit Lake] (1935-1942), Heinrich Klassen [Rabbit Lake] (1938-1945), Franz Ens [Mayfair] (1942-1962), J. Hildebrandt [Rabbit Lake] (1954-1966), J. Loewen [Glenbush] (1962-1992), C. Martens [Rabbit Lake] (1964- ), Jacob Reimer [Mayfair] (1965-1974), John Balzer [Mayfair] (1975-1979), Don Unger [Rabbit Lake] (1983-1989), John Janzen [Rabbit Lake] (1991-1992), Bernie Retzlaff [Saskatoon] (1993-1994),Don Unger [Rabbit Lake] (1995-  ).

Scope and content note

The fonds contains bulletins (1983-1995), a 50th anniversary programme (1978) and membership directory (1991, [1994].  A file of correspondence between the Conference of  Mennonites in Canada Mission Board and church workers Frank Ens and Jacob Reimer of Mayfair dating from 1959-1965, has also been added to this collection. The documents show who participated and gave leadership to this congregation during the period of these records and some of the week to week activities in the community.

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Restrictions on access

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Other notes

The bulletins, directory and booklets  were deposited by the church at the Mennonite Heritage Centre. The file of correspondence came from the Conference of Mennonites in Canada Mission Board files of  executive secretaries Henry Gerbrandt and David P. Neufeld.  Described by Bert Friesen 25 January 2002; revised by Alf Redekopp 12 April 2006.

Hoffnungsfelder Mennonite Church fonds file inventory list:

Volume 1939

  1. Hebron Mennonite Church (Bluebird & Northvale) correspondence between Conference of Mennonite in Canada Missions Board and workers Frank Ens and Jacob H. Reimer of Mayfair, (1959-1965)
  2. Two booklets: 1) Geimeinderegeln der Hoffnungsfelder Mennonitengemeinde bei Rabbit Lake, Saskatchewan (195-?) 2) Hoffnungsfelder Mennonite Church, Rabbit Lake, Saskatchewan conisting of Rabbit Lake, Mayfair [and] Glenbush, (1970)
  3. Rabbit Lake Mennonite Church - 50 Anniversary bulletin (6 Aug. 1978)
  4. Hoffnungsfelder Mennonite Church (Glenbush, Rabbit Lake, Mayfair) bulletins (1983-1991)
  5. Hoffnungsfelder Mennonite Church (Glenbush, Rabbit Lake, Mayfair) directory (1991), (1994)
  6. Hoffnungsfelder Mennonite Church (Glenbush, Rabbit Lake, Mayfair) bulletins (1995)