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Title: Fiske Mennonite Church fonds
Dates: 1981-1996
Extent: 8 cm of textual records

Historical note

The Fiske Mennonite Church traces its beginning to coming of the Mennonites from Russia to the Herschel, Saskatchewan area in the winter of 1924-1925. In 1925 they organized the congregation known as the Ebenfeld Mennonite Church and joined the Conference of Mennonites. In 1926 there were 117 members. In 1927 they built a meeting house. In 1936 the membership was 278. A number of different meeting places were begun over the next decades. Of these meeting places, one was Fiske and the others were Superb-Luseland, Glidden-Kindersley-Madison, along with Herschel. These were divided into four congregations in 1958 but still of the Ebenfeld 'Gemeinde'. In 1968 Fiske had a membership of 45. In 1973 these congregations became independent congregations. Fiske had a membership of 37 at the time that it became an independent. The membership stayed at around that figure -- in 2000 it stood at 36. The leaders of the congregation were: Julius Martens (1958-1959), Kornelius Martens (1958-1996), Jacob Klaassen (1986-1988), David Neufeld (1990-1999), Clare and Garth Ewert-Fischer (2000- ).

Scope and content note

The fonds contains congregational meeting minutes (1981-1983), financial records (1981-1982), and bulletins (1986-1996) which pertain to the development of the Mennonite congregation at Fiske, Saskatchewan. These records document some of the leaders and participants of the congregation.

Other notes

Textual records were deposited by the congregation at the Mennonit Heritage Centre on a regular basis since 1981. Described by Bert Friesen 6 February 2002.

Fiske Mennonite Church fonds file list:

Volume 1428

  1. Fiske Mennonite Church congregational meeting minutes (1981), financial statement (1981)
  2. Fiske Mennonite Church congregational meeting minutes (1983), financial statement (1982)
  3. Fiske Mennonite Church bulletins (1986)
  4. Fiske Mennonite Church bulletins (1987)
  5. Fiske Mennonite Church bulletins (1988)
  6. Fiske Mennonite Church bulletins (1990)
  7. Fiske Mennonite Church bulletins (1991-1992)
  8. Fiske Mennonite Church bulletins (1993)
  9. Fiske Mennonite Church bulletins (1994)
  10. Fiske Mennonite Church bulletins (1995)
  11. Fiske Mennonite Church bulletins (1996)